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Capoeira Kids

Capoeira Kids

Capoeira Kids

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Kids are naturally drawn to capoeira because of its rhythmic music, exciting interactions, and acrobatics.  it can be fast paced and loud.  Kids love things that are exciting and dynamic.  Capoeira has that covered!  Once a child is exposed to what capoeira can be like, they eagerly step up for the challenge of learning the movements and the music.

The children class is is geared towards developing crucial movement and athletic skills in children between the ages 5 - 11 years of age.  We practice Capoeira basics Including basic strokes, but in a playful way and with attractive games  related to the characteristics of the art of capoeira along with core strengthening exercises introduced in different methods such as game playing, challenges and standard disciplinary martial art styles.  Introduction to the music and language is also a key theme! Kick and strike technique is established and practiced.  Capoeira will help your child build strength, balance, discipline, respect, musical skills, language and communication skills, and a passion for athleticism and the rich culture of Brazil.

¨For children's classes, registration is required¨


Marrowbone Ln, Saint Catherine's, Dublin

Phone: +353 83 307 9986

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