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Mestre Estênio


Estênio Garcia de Lima was a student of Mestre Pequeno of the 'Academia Mar de itapuã' group. He became a capoeira teacher on November the 24th, 1996,  and he could teach all the developed content of the art he had learned.
Soon after his formation, the same group also worked developing his work in the same his mestre's academy, teaching classes supervised by him (his master ).
In 1998 he began to develop his solo work at 'Academia Raça' in São Paulo and in some schools of that region. He completed the training of his first group of students authorized to teach developed content, taught in the art of capoeira, on August the 3rd, 2002, being recognized by the vast majority within the community of capoeiristas from different regions of the country and the world gathering more than three thousand people at their event, showing their work, then receiving the title of 'Mestre de Capoeira' delivered by the hands of his mestre (Mestre Pequeno).
In 2003 he created his group called 'Capoeira Cultura de uma Raça'. From there it has already been graduated more than ten teachers at his capoeira school.
Currently, he continues to teach classes and workshops in schools and gyms for children and adults.


Marrowbone Ln, Saint Catherine's, Dublin

Phone: +353 83 307 9986

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