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Capoeira is a dance disguise in fight, the colonial period of slaves from Africa in Brazil as expression of struggle for a freedom.

After decade chase of oppression on empire, monarchy and first republic.

Master BIMBA received a official license from Ministry of education to your capoeira school in 1936.

He is the pioneer of modern, influenced for others martial arts, he created Capoeira Regional, and quickly spread and converted in a national sport.

Nowaday capoeira also it's common in much others countries.

It's featured with combination as artistic strength and stetic, in which two people are in a circle (RODA) and play Capoeira game with pulsating rhythm. This game we can compare with a spontaneous talking where there are question and answers led by an arbitrator  (PLAYER OF INSTRUMENT BERIMBAU).

The capoeira game require flexibility, body control, improvisation and creativity of capoeiristas, and above all fun in movements.


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