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Group History 

Capoeira school for the promotion of Culture, Sports, Music, Dance and, mainly, Fight related to Capoeira.
Founded in 2003 by Mestre Estênio who together with his teachers and students are developing capoeira with techniques exploring flexibility in movements and instrumental.

We train children, teenagers and adults of all ages with fun, games and enthusiasm.
 Capoeira is an traditional martial art of Brazil.
Capoeira is also an martial art disguised in dance which explores creative attack techniques and acrobatics, music is also an integral part of Capoeira.
In addition to the percussive rhythms of traditional instruments, body movements become light and flexible, the struggle to dance and training to play.
That is why our students not only learn to perform their movements in harmony with music, but they also learn to creat their ryth.
Capoeira combines martial arts with dance, acrobatics and music - a combination that not only guarantees holistic training, but above all a lot of fun!

Professor Bruno develops his specific training according to the needs of each student. encouraging and motivating to achieve their goals.
We have different ways to perform workouts and each workout has a different way of working the body and  mind.
join us in a free entroduction class.


Marrowbone Ln, Saint Catherine's, Dublin

Phone: +353 83 307 9986

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